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More than 5 years of experience in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Fintech coupled with 20+ years of Tech Expertise

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Proven Track Record

A foolproof client coverage with years of proven track record in delivering results with acquiescence to the client’s requirements

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Unbeatable Prices

1000+ services at Unbeatable Price Guaranteed. We promise to beat any price on the service offerings regarding Blockchain

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Social Media Strength

Wide media list with a good relationship with mainstream, tech & Fintech media as well

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Result Driven

Our Result Driven management meets the expectations of the stakeholders and provide them with a good return on their investments

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Money Back Gurantee

We assure complete money back guarantee when it’s come to the client’s unsatisfaction

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Passionate Marketing Team with Years of Industry Experience

We are a team of professionals all with backgrounds from fintech, finance, investment banking and blockchain space and our mission is to help blockchain projects, token development, digital currencies, and exchanges achieve their desired capital funding and to expand the scope of their project and token value.


Often questions are raised, “Why Blockchain?”. The digital ledger, Blockchain secures the transaction & performs quickly. Blockchain makes all the financial process more convenient, lowers the cost and underpin the entire tech industry competently.

Potentiality Of Enhancing The Financial Services

The blockchain is becoming the first choice of all the major bankers, insurers as well as startups gradually. The technology omits the middle man and creates the direct relationship between the consumers & suppliers by online networks like peer-to-peer file sharing. Moreover, it can cut down the cost of many financial activities efficiently. By the same token, Blockchain can eliminate the old age process of banking activity.

Internet of Things(IoT)

The overlapping of IoT & Blockchain will open a new door of the world of digital currency. The new IoT technology enhances the capabilities of Blockchain by tracking all the individual devices. It follows unique IP address & keeps a ledger of the data exchanges, unique history, web series, and human users as well. So, Blockchain in IoT has the potentiality to solve the trust issues. And this smart device communicates autonomously.

Prime PR PlacemenT

We are the potential industry disruptors making innovative technology as our strength. Our team offers the prime PR placement into the top-tier publications. The Prime-PR service is not opened for all, only the best projects are welcomed.

Crypto is eating the world. We formulate the best courses for your ICO. And help you to reach your goals in the Crypto market by implementing all those digital marketing as well as growth hacking strategies.



Blockchain technology never fails to keep its promise of making healthcare transactions more efficient. Where other health IT systems take this as a burden, not as a responsibility, our purpose is to find a way to improve this patient care system.


Blockchain technology offers an immutable ledger for the transaction by a faster & cheaper automated process. All the process are efficiently streamlined.We are looking forward to assisting various stakeholders, investors, and their insurance companies with our captivating Blockchain technology.


There is a massive impact, on the business methodology, of the auditable log of transactions shared by the decentralized network. We offer a transaction which is logged on an internal Blockchain by a centralized network. Now that can remove the requirement of inspecting a company’s books for internal as well as external auditors.


The blockchain is deeply rooted in the secured technology. It secures all the activities, be it stored data or the authenticated interaction by an individual. Our cybersecurity proposes an alternative to the battle of, individuals, businesses or governments with the incorrigible bugs, fraud or malicious activities.

Strategic Outreach

We make a strategic approach to establish a key partnership with your team in both blockchain and your specific niche.

Publications & PR

We are directly connected with the Blockchain, business media outlets & financial technology to a large number of audience.

Paid Advertisement

We identify the minimal avenues for paid advertisements. Whether it's for coin listing sites or for the ICO review sites.

Airdrop Campaign

We organize a large campaign to maximize the exposure with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It's very critical to satisfy the audience.

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